"To work with Kim Hines is to be sharing in :





and personal power:


All these qualities are hallmarks of an association with my mentor, Kim Hines.


The breadth and depth of her insight have frequently allowed me to view my artistic horizons differently.

Many times she assists to remove rose-colored lens and so view a clearer vision of reality. You are guaranteed to come face to face with yourself and the possibilities of change and growth.


She will give it to you straight.


And then you have the gift of being able to change.

Her consideration and support of everyone is a treasure.


Work with her and see what happens for yourself!


I am so fortunate to have formed a relationship to Kim, and an opportunity to refer others to work with Kim, as they were seeking their own paths. I have done this many times over the years.


She is a treasure."   

I Coached Jim on:
Goal Setting
* Career Changes
* Critique on Grant Proposal
* Presentation of Work (portfolio on tape)
* Life Issues
* Articulation of Vision

Jim Liberthal, dancer, educator and choreographer. 

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