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"A little over a week ago I made the decision to take hold of my schedule and create a template that embraces how I like to work, my bio-rhythms, my finally acknowledged need for rest, and a way of working that honors and respects my marriage. In other words, an approach to daily life that is balanced. This decision coming from someone who has had the habit of placing work first and overworking for most of her adult life.

What I mean by a template is grouping work activities together in a way that makes sense. I love to be in my home office, especially at the beginning of the week. Light bulb moment! I have now designated Mondays as Home Office Day! Planning, phone calls, setting up the rest of my week, paperwork and cleaning. Ahhhhh. Tuesday through Thursday I'll be out and about meeting with people, Mornings are for phone calls - the best time for me to be on the phone. Afternoons are for getting together with people - a great way to boost my energy. Can't say enough about how good it feels to say, "I can meet with you Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday afternoon." and not leave my entire schedule up for grabs.

The idea came from a meeting I had with Kim Hines (the one and only and a wonderful coach BTW). Shout out to Kim! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I am thrilled to report that one week in I already am experiencing positive changes and seeing results. Less stress. A new found ability to focus. Learning to prioritize and do the "A" tasks first (this one is difficult - it's so easy to get distracted). And finally, I am working less, and thinking about work less. Which leads to relaxation and more time with Eric, my family and friends. If you are feeling out of control, give this a try. Week two is off to a great start!"

I  Coached Hilary on: 

* Time Management

* Space Changes/Management

* Moving from Artist to Entrepreneur, 

* Relationships with colleagues

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