Kim Hines, Coaching for Artists

How would you use a coach...?

  • You might be that artist who has hit a wall in your creativity and don't know how to move forward. You might be a writer who can't quite get past that blank sheet of paper, or the visual artist who is itching to move beyond the blank canvas.

  • Maybe you've been in your field for what feels like eons and you want to make a lateral want to stay in your field, but you want to do something different...or perhaps you just want to try your hand at something that you've never done before and need some help and encouragement.

  • Perhaps you're new and emerging in your field and don't know what your next steps should be. Or you're a professional and want to rework your portfolio. You want help to articulate your artist statement, or how to present your work.

  • It's possible that you have been struggling with a health crisis; or you're taking care of a parent, child or spouse and you want to reconnect with your work.

  • You're need help in generating new and fresh ideas.
  • You're in theater and need help in sharpening up your auditions, choosing monologues, or how to approach a script or scene work.
  • You'd like to explore different ways to market yourself or your work.
  • You're a playwright or screenwriter and need a dramaturg; or a novelist and need someone to critique your novel--or help you with characters and dialogue.
  • You want to set clear goals and accomplish them...and so much more...

Whatever your hopes, dreams or goals, let me help

you to be the very best that you can be!!


Issues I Can Help You With:

Artist’s Blocks
** Structure of work
** Brainstorming
** Journaling

** Time Management
** Setting goals
** Staying on task

** Business side of the Arts
** Contracts

 ** Issues: when life gets in 
      the way of creating art.

** Changing from one art-form 
      to another

** Critique of Grants & Project

** Marketing
** Using social media

** Self-producing & Producing

** Public Speaking
** Oral Interpretation
** Sermons

** Image
** Making changes to

** Auditions
** Scene Work
** Actors: Script work
** Performance Art

** Playwrighting
** Dramaturgy
** Screenwriting
** Critiquing 
      troubleshooting writing

** Artist Info & Resources
** Health & Safety issues

** Working with Artists in Schools: 
    --Developing curriculum,
    --Creating age appropriate lesson plans,
    --Handling different learning & teaching
     --Discipline and behavior issues in
          the classroom

** Portfolio Presentation
** Artist Statements
** Resume content & layout

** Handling & preparing for
       Informational interviews